Voices of Time Gavel Club

The Voices of Time Gavel Club has become a substantial component of the Dr. Regina B. Shearn Corrections Transition Program since 2007.   the gavel club improves lives by teaching the men how to speak, listen and think, so they can communicate more effectively and give back to society when they are released.

Every one of our men has dramatically improved their speaking and communication skills, while also gaining tremendous confidence and self-esteem.

While many people may not recognize the importance of self-esteem, research papers over decades have proven how critical it is in being able to live a “normal life.” Lack of self-esteem drives people into gangs and risky behavior and can ultimately lead to detrimental situations for the individual and for society.

We also stress the importance of leadership, and our men are taught, and expected, to lead each meeting.

It’s remarkable how many of these life-sentenced men, who get paroled, later write to us, or call to say how much the public-speaking component of the corrections transition program made a difference in their lives.

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