Robert Scarbrough interview

21: A must see interview here on Men Going Home…hosted by Chris Wolfe…Convicted of 1st degree murder at the age of 20, Robert Scarbrough spent 38 years in Florida’s most violent prisons… He learned to read and write at the age of 38, and he is an open book about his drug addiction, his drug dealing, and his life in prison…as well as the three violent prison riots he participated in.

Edward Dueitt interview

19: Chris and Andy Korge interview convict, Edward Duiett, on Men Going Home…hosted by Chris Wolfe…and talk to Edward about his battle with drug and alcohol addiction and his 38 years in Florida’s most violent prisons. Edward was convicted of 1st degree murder, armed robbery, strong arm robbery, and escape by the time he was 25 years old.

Special Edition: Renae Griggs interview

20: A first Zoom interview on Men Going Home…hosted by Chris Wolfe…Chris and Andy follow up on the Barry Stevens interview, with the officer, Renae Griggs, who arrested him and witnessed the murder 33 years ago. She actually listened to the interview with Barry Stephens, and adds incredible insight that changed our perspective on his case.

David Goodwin interview part 2

18: For part 2 of this episode with David Goodwin on Men Going Home…hosted by Chris Wolfe, Chris and Andy Korge interview convict David Goodwin. David spent 41 years in Florida’s most violent prisons, after being convicted of three 1st degree felony murder charges in 1977. David spent 3 1/2 years on Florida’s Death Row…in a cell next to serial killer, Ted Bundy. Please watch, like and share this show with your friends.

Freddie Morales

11: Chris Wolfe and Andy Korge interview Freddie Morales on Men Going Home…hosted by Chris Wolfe…whose life in crime began at the age of 7…and culminated with three life sentences…without the possibility of parole!!! He tells his story of a tumultuous childhood that led to a life of crime…redemption…and a miracle that set him free…

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