Men Going Home… hosted by Chris Wolfe , provides access to a segment of society, very few people know anything about…men who have spent more than 30, 40, and even 50 years in prison.  They are interviewed about their life in crime, their life in prison, and their transition to the free world.

Fifteen years ago, Chris Wolfe started helping life-sentenced men transition from institutionalized prison life back into the free world, by teaching them public speaking and communications skills.

Chris is a frequent guest on radio shows and podcasts, and speaks with parents, teachers, and students about staying out of prison, and the Corrections Transition Program he volunteers for, at Everglades Correctional Institution.

Every convict in the Corrections Transition Program has spent between 25 to 53 years in prison, and some of the men spent years on Death Row, prior to their sentences being commuted to life.

All of the men in the Corrections Transition Program have been convicted of first or second-degree murder, and many were convicted of both murder and armed robbery. They are transferred from other correctional institutions throughout the state of Florida, and they must participate in their program at Everglades Correctional Institution to be paroled.

Over the past fifteen years, Chris has made several short documentaries about the corrections transition program, and has also interviewed many of the convicts in person at the prison and on a radio show he hosted on both 880 AM and 670 AM radio throughout South Florida.

The men have shared their stories with Chris, and he has observed several common denominators, especially with the juveniles, who ended up with life-sentences. Chris likes to share these observations with parents, teachers, and students to try and minimize the number of adolescents who needlessly end up in prison with life-sentences.

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